How do I invest in boostx projects?

To invest in any of the boostx affiliated projects check out the home page and navigate to any either the website or presale links for said project. From there you can use the boostx dashboard to create an account and create a payment request using the numerous crypto currencies we support. Once the payment has been created (always double check the selected blockchain!) send money to the address and your account will be credited with tokens which you will receive upon token launch.

How does boostx facilitate presales?

boostx offers our unique dashboard technology to top projects looking for a top quality launchpad to kickstart their crypto journey. This dashboard is filled to the brim with features allowing you to customise the presale to your liking e.g. dynamic pricing, static pricing, stages, bonuses and more!

Is marketing provided for my project?

Yes! boostx has a suite of experienced journalists. This team will work in conjunction with yours to produce high quality informative articles about your project that we will then publish with our collection of crypto news outlets. This will help your project reach a wider audience, improve its Google ranking and SEO.

How do I find out the token address for a project I am invested in?

At the end of a presale the contract address will be announced by the project itself, boostx soon afterwards will update the project page with the token address.